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Chess Tournament

January 3, 2007

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Woops, I forgot to write about this. About a month before finals there was a really cool Chess Tournament at SJSU. It was held in the CS Club room which is on the second floor on MacQuarrie Hall. I’m not sure if it part of the official SJSU chess club whose contact information is here on the List of student Organization. I found out about it through the SJSU CS Club bulleting. But everyone was welcome and there were plenty of people from all skill levels. I love chess so I thought it was great, but I had to leave early seeing as it was a Friday night and I had plans with my girlfriend.

The coolest thing about the tournament is that Digesh Malla came and played with us. I read about him beforehand on this article from the Spartan Daily. Playing with someone that good was very cool, and it was also interesting when he would analyze games out loud for us. Check out my Flickr pictures of the event here.


Christmas Events

December 22, 2006

For those of you looking to do something the next couple of days before Christmas, I have two suggestions.  One is Christmas in the Park, in downtown San Jose, walking distance from SJSU for those of you who are still around campus.  The other is the Charles Dickens Christmas Fair at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.  I went to both in the last week and had a good time.

Christmas in the Park is pretty standard fair stuff that most people know about.  It is at the Plaza de Cesar Chavez, which is the park across from the Tech Museum and it is free.  There are a bunch of Christmas exhibits displayed and a live band playing Christmas music.  Plus they have carnival rides set up including a Ferris wheel.  It’s a fun cheap date.

The Dickens Fair is very cool, but a lot of people have not heard of it.  If you like the Renaissance Fair you will like this; it was created by the same people.  The people who work there dress and act like they are characters from the works of Charles Dickens.  For example, the Ghost of Christmas Past and Scrooge roam the halls together as if from a scene in A Christmas Carol.  I’d definitely recommend it, but it will be more expensive, could be up to 20 dollars admission, and you will probably want to buy food or gifts there.  The food is very good, they have stuff that is supposed to be from that period.  We got in for 10 dollars each because we came at 4 PM and they close at 7PM.  They are only open for one more weekend, the weekend of Christmas up to Saturday, so go soon.

You can also see my pics for both events here and here.

Industry Talk

November 17, 2006

Prasanth Padmanabhan spoke at the SJSU Computer Science Club room today about his experience in the industry.  He graduated with a BS in Computer Science at SJSU which is nice since he seems very succesful.  I was glad he came and talked to us because he has worked at many of the high-tech companies that most computer scientist are interested in.  He’s worked at Cisco, Apple, and Yahoo to name a few.  The other interesting thing was that he started as a developer and worked his way into a program manager position.  It was very informative hearing how he did that and why.

One cool thing he told us about working at Yahoo is that they have beer on tap available for free.  Sounds like a fun place to work.  He also mentioned that he used to get his last four jobs.

Listening Hour at SJSU

November 1, 2006

Music BuildingI went to the listening hour this afternoon.  I have known about it for many years, but I probably have not gone since before I joined the Marine Corps (so over 6 years) even though I always enjoy it.  Its FREE for everyone and is in the audotorium in the music building.  You can view the schedule on the SJSU Music Department website.  It looks they have programs on Tuesdays and Thursday from 12:30-1:20.  Pretty exciting stuff, did I mention it was FREE?

 I was most impressed by the second group that consisted of Kenny Corso, Tara, Frederick Alexander, Joe Kenny, Danny Ernst.  They all put feeling into their music and they played songs that they wrote.  I would definitely like to find out more about this group and listen to them play again, I can’t find anything on the Internet yet though.  They said they only started playing together about a month ago, so hopefully I will hear more about them.

SJSU Linux User Group

September 29, 2006

I stopped by the SJSU Linux User Group meeting this afternoon for the first time. It was fun even though only a couple of people showed up. Most of the people in the Linux club were actually CE majors instead of CS majors as I assumed they would be. The computer engineering guys were pretty cool. Anyway, they have a bunch of machines they want to turn into a cluster. Sounds like fun and obviously challenging but I wonder if it has any use. Everyone always gets excited about linking computers together to harness their combined power, but for what use? I think thats the problem behind that type of project, you need to have a use planned ahead of time.


Linux Installfest

September 26, 2006

I went to the SJSU Linux Club’s installfest on Saturday. The results weren’t so great. I had to wipe my entire hard drive to get everything working right again. I have a backup of my hard drive sitting back in Winters so I didn’t lose any data, but my installation of Windows/Office/Visual Studio is gone. That stuff takes a while to reinstall so its not good. The good news is that I eventually got Linux working. I have a Fedora disk and an Ubuntu disk. I thought I might be better off with the Fedora disk but then I realized that with Ubuntu my wireless setup would work out of the box. That’s important because wireless internet is my main means of delivery these days and I can’t do anything without it. For instance in order to figure out how to get wireless working on linux I needed the internet which was a bit of catch 22 for me. So I was impressed by the builtin wireless support in Ubuntu. I also have gotten my Verizon EVDO PC5740 card working which is also very important for me. It wasn’t all that straight forward, but also not to difficult for a computer scientist to figure out thanks to a howto by Ken Kinder. For anyone who tries using the howto, it hasn’t been updated for Ubuntu 6, so it wont work unless you make the modification discussed in the comment by mark s on 2006-03-27.


Starting this blog

September 13, 2006

I saw Robert Scoble at San Jose State this evening.  I have followed his blog somewhat the past year so I was excited to find out that he would be on campus.  Anyway he was addressing a bunch of journalists, and I’m a computer science major, so it was pretty interesting.  Hes a really nice guy, and listening to him talk inspired me to start this blog.