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July 15, 2008

I was looking through some photos from Spring semester. Last semester I had a fun time at school because there were a lot of good spirited people hanging out at the Computer Science Club. Pauline Wang and Neil Tong organized a couple of outdoor activities and invited all of the CS Club. You can see below the picture of many of the club members and friends at the barbeque we had. This was right after we finished playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Just finished playing ultimate frisbee.  SJSU CS Club poses.

We also went to the beach and there was pretty much something fun and interesting going on all the time. A lot of the pictures I’m looking at were taken by Neil. You can get an idea of what people of what CS students are like by checking out his pictures. Here is Neil’s flickr page.

Applying to SJSU Grad School

February 5, 2008

Many of my peers at SJSU have asked me about the process of applying to grad school in the Computer Science department. When I was going through this process I was very nervous that I might accidently miss something so I spent a lot of time thinking and reading about it. There are two things I had to worry about, the university procedures and the department rules. I had to meet both standards to be accepted, but the department ultimately decides if a student will be accepted into their program or not.

Here is an outline of what I did to get accepted. I am sure this is not the best way to do it, so please do not take this as a how to guide but hopefully as a stepping stone in how to do it better. The best thing to do is read all of the information at the SJSU Graduate Studies page and read the information from the CS Department web site, and be sure to check out their great FAQ.

First I started to make sure I was going to be able to get letters of recommendation from my teachers. I did this by taking challenging courses during my last semester and ensuring that I got A’s in those classes. I made sure to visit the office hours of those teachers so that they could get to know me, and at the end of the semester I had no problem getting two good letters of recommendation. I actually got both of my letters of recommendations from math professors, which I assume is fine since math is very important to computer science. By the way, the FAQ I pointed out earlier mentions that submitting letters of recommendation is highly recommended.

Meanwhile I had started the online application at CSUMentor which as it turns out is fairly straightforward. The main thing you do there is enter the classes you most recently took along with the grades you received. There is a 50 dollar application fee that you need to pay in order to submit the application, but you can start the application and save it so that you can come back and work on it later. I ending up postponing submitting the application because I wanted the statement of purpose that is required with it to put me in the best light possible. I had until the end of May to submit this application and the current deadlines for Fall 2008 applicants can be found here.

So then I just checked to make sure that the SJSU Department of Graduate Studies had all of my transcripts. This was very easy for me because I already had all of my transcripts sent to SJSU so that I could graduate with my Bachelors degree. The Graduate Department was able to use the same copies of my transcript.

I finally submitted my online application only a couple of weeks before the deadline. The Computer Science department had told me that turning in my application early wouldn’t matter because all of the applications would be reviewed at once sometime after the deadline. However my friend turned in his application months early and was accepted before the application deadline. I didn’t find out I was accepted until mid summer. The annoying thing is that they don’t email you when you get accepted. You have to check your application status on MySJSU. I was checking this status several times a week and then one day it just said “Accepted” and I was very happy.

Good luck with your application process!


January 18, 2008

I’ve been picking some oranges from my Dad’s orchard and I got his permission to take as many bags as I can transport to San Jose. I will be selling them for $5 per fifteen pound bag. All of the proceeds will go to the Computer Science Club at SJSU. If anyone is interested let me know and I will reserve a bag.

Oranges Getting Sorted

The oranges are very delicious and they make great juice. Here is a picture of what the fifteen pound bags look like:

Orange bags


October 31, 2007

Everyone at SJSU should have felt the earthquake tonight. It was pretty exciting but I hope no one got hurt. I was in the middle of class, Math 271a with Dr. Stanley, when it hit. The whole building was shaking pretty hard and at one point it got worse and jerked my desk around. We all just sat there and waited to see if it would get much worse. Afterward the class ran over to our professors office to check out the USGS website to see how big and close the quake was. When I finally left the building I realized that everyone had already evacuated and there were hundreds of people waiting around outside. It looked like there were a few accidents on the streets around SJSU and on Highway 280.
Intensity Map
I sent text messages to my parents about ten minutes after the quake and then made a cell phone call with no problems. For some reason a lot of people were able to make phone calls from their cells while other weren’t. It might have something to do with the carriers they had, I have Verizon.

It turns out the quake was close by on the Calaveras fault. Hopefully no one go hurt and this event will help people get prepared for larger earthquakes to come. Just last week I was reading about how the Hayward fault is ripe for a large quake in the Mercury News.

Other accounts of the quake from SJSU:
Steve Sloan
Lindsay Bryant
Chris Hockett
Edris Amin
Andrew Venegas
Robert Scoble

Computer Science Club

October 15, 2007

One of the best parts about the CS Department here at SJSU is the Computer Science Club. Studying Computer Science can naturally be a very lonely activity, spending most of the time reading books about algorithms and mathematics, and staring at computer screens. That is why having our own club is so important. It gives us a place to get to know each other and share ideas. The CS Club has its own room and other amenities that you can read about here.

SJSU CS Club Room

I think the CS Club is really important, and I wanted to make more of a difference, so I ran for Club Secretary when the position opened up earlier this month. I was elected and so far it has been a lot of fun. I have always wanted to get to know more of my peers and so far being secretary has helped me do that. First of all I had to introduce myself to everyone and explain why I was running for secretary. After that a lot more people seemed to know me all of the sudden, which is a nice feeling.

So I look forward to serving the club in the future and if anyone has any suggestions for me or the club, please let me know. I also encourage new students to stop by and check out the club.

Why I Write

September 20, 2007

I have not written any posts over the summer, but I’m ready to start writing about my time at SJSU again. I still believe in the reasons I started writing in the first place. When people search for SJSU on Google I want them to find more than just I want them to be able to “hear” what real students find interesting and exciting about our campus and our community.

Writing this type of blog has had its own rewards. First, I’ve made connections with other students at SJSU whom I otherwise never would have met. It is always fun to meet people who are studying in other areas and learn about the cool things they are doing. I have also become more attentive to the happenings on campus. For the sake of having something to write about, I find myself going to events I might otherwise tell myself I was too busy to attend. This is great, because almost all of the clubs and activities I’ve participated in at SJSU have been very rewarding.

Most importantly, writing on this blog gives me a voice which I am able to use in a positive way. Having that voice helps put into context my place at SJSU as someone who can affect change. That is a feeling that everyone should have. So if any of this stuff sounds cool to any readers out there, it is easy to start a free blog like this one. Leave a comment or email me and I’d be happy to read what you have to say or even point you in the direction of where to start.

CFA Strike

April 5, 2007

I’m disappointed with The Spartan Daily coverage of the possible CFA strike. I’ve been told by several professors, as early as Monday, that negotiations with the CSU have been successful and that the strike is definitely not going to happen. But looking at The Spartan Daily on Tuesday, I see this article about how serious the strike might be.

I’m not sure exactly what is going with the strike, but I know The Spartan Daily is failing to report well on this issue. I don’t like how they left students worrying about the safety of the campus when there is good reason to believe that there won’t be a strike at all.

UPDATE: Today’s Spartan Daily has an article clarifying the issue.


New Blogger from SJSU

March 31, 2007

My friend Keith Callenberg started a blog recently. It’s called biolinuxtechgarden. It looks pretty cool so far. Keith is also a Computer Science student at SJSU. I’ve written a post that mentioned his involvement with the SJSU Linux User Group before here. I’d definitely like to read more blogs from SJSU students, so if you are a student, please leave a comment and let me know.

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I Voted!

March 21, 2007

I just finished filling out my A.S. Election Ballot online. It’s nice that they have it online now (go to to fill out your own ballot). I’m usually busy running between classes when I am on campus. I wasn’t that excited about any of the candidates, because unfortunately I know very little about any of them. The bios weren’t that useful either. The only cool part about it was voting no on the San Jose State University name change. I’ve been looking forward to that. Kyle from Kyle’s Comments has some pretty interesting stuff to say about the name change:
Go San Jose State! not CSU-SJ!
SJSU name change a ‘bad idea’
San Jose is not a state?

Kyle’s blog has been pretty interesting to me this semester in part because he is writing for the Spartan Daily. I like reading the behind the scenes of how news stories are created.


STEM Club Impresses Me

February 26, 2007

The SJSU Technology and Emerging Media Club (STEM) had a great meeting on Wednesday. Andrew Venegas gave a talk about tagging and other issues related to blogs. His talk was excellent. Even though most of the stuff he talked about was nothing new to me, it was interesting to hear his perspective on things. That’s why I think it is great for me to be involved in this club. I’m hearing ideas and seeing how people interact outside of the Computer Science Department. There has also been a flurry of activity online. Andrew Venegas created a Blogger page for the club and also a cool promo video. We have a google group now, and you can see pictures and read about the meeting on Jessica Drnek’s blog. So far I am very impressed and I look forward to our next meeting.

On the way to class after the meeting I caught this picture of the Event Center and Spartan Complex.

Spartan Complex during Winter evening

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