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Free Barbecue Courtesy of A.S.

February 26, 2007

On Wednesday I enjoyed a free hotdog, drink, and chips courtesy of Associated Students. I’m honestly glad my A.S. fees are being used to feed me and my fellow students. This event did raise my awareness of some things that A.S. will be doing for the benefit of students this semester. Every Wednesday they will have a free event; either a barbecue, noon concert, evening concert, or moonlight movie. The schedule can be seen on the A.S. website here.

Associate Students Barbecue


Souper Meal

February 6, 2007

Today I had something different for lunch. I had a giant Cup of Noodle called Souper Meal. You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s about twice the size as the regular Cup of Noodle that most people are used to seeing. The Souper Meal is 4.3 ounces versus the 2.5 ounces in Cup of Noodle. The soup was filling and tasty and I was satisfied at the end of the meal. I liked it a lot better than cup of noodle; it’s more flavorful and the noodles are better. The downside is that the Souper Meal is extremely salty, so I don’t recommend drinking the left over broth at the end.

Souper Meal

This meal only cost me 75 cents because the Computer Science Club sells it in its soda mess which is very nice. I checked out the Spartan Bookstore price for a regular Cup of Noodle, and they sell it for one dollar and they didn’t have the Souper Meal. So unless you are in the CS Club you’ll probably have to go off campus to a grocery store to try get this meal.

For a second, more negative and health conscious opinion, see here.

Value Menu at BK

February 2, 2007

One thing I like about having a Burger King on campus is the ability to buy lunch for a dollar. I get the Whopper Junior which costs exactly a dollar (no tax) during lunch. I’m not going to even try to convince anyone that the Whopper Junior is good for you but its not nearly as bad a getting an entire meal, and a lot cheaper too. Check out their nutritional page here. Another thing you can get there for a dollar is a salad. So you can get a sandwich and salad for two dollars, and ask for a glass of water too, which is free. It’s a pretty good deal and I don’t think you can beat it anywhere on campus. That is if you really need your dollar to go as far as it can.

Really bad mexican food

September 21, 2006

I was on my to SJSU from work and I wanted to stop and get a burrito at the La Victoria on Santa Clara Street.  I ended up trying something new at a little place called Senora Emma’s Taqueria.  The place seemed cool, it was underneath Club Miami and there were nice couches you could sit in or you could sit outside on their patio.  I ordered the Carnitas burrito and it was horrible.  The carnitas was dry and hard like jerky, and the burrito was sloppily thrown together.  Too bad too, because the inside is pretty nice for a taqueria, with the couches and all.  I’ll never go there again.

Hydration Cafe

September 19, 2006

I was on my way to La Victoria to get a Super Burito after my last class and decided to go around the corner to Hydration Cafe instead.  I’m glad I stopped by, the service is very freindly and helpful.  I have a hard time picking out what to get at many Asian restaurants so it was nice that they had a picture menu and were able to answer my questions and help me.  The girl working here is very pretty too, which is cool.  So I’m eating a fried squid bengo box and an avocado smoothie.  It tastes good to me, but I’ve never had an avocado smoothie either.

Also while I was trying to find links for La Victoria and Hydration Cafe, I noticed this site  You will have noticed it also if you clicked on one of the links above.  It looks like it is a good site for reviews of restaurants in the bay area.  I used to use the Metro restaurant reviews a lot to try to find cool places to go eat but now I will try using this site in the future also.  I love finding information about the local area on the net so this is cool.