Hi I’m Sean Gilpin, a computer science student at San Jose State University.  I’m interested in technology and happenings in the Bay Area.  Feel free to leave me a note here or my email sgilpin80 at gmail.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Tamara Says:

    Helloooo! this is super duper boring!!! where is all the hype and the drama for your mama??!!? where are the entries about me??? you need to put our love out there on blast! and can you change up the categories one time??! ok, those are all my ideas. feel free to come up on them.

    your one and only,
    secret!!! haha

  2. Cody Thomson Says:


    I was doing a search on the internet on Ethiopia, and I can across your photos and name. I am planning on a vacation down the road to somewhere I haven’t been before and saw your pictures which are outstanding.

    In any event, I believe we went to school together in Winters at the Middle School for a couple of years at least. I can’t remember what classes we were in, maybe Student Council was one of them, but I remember I went over to the High School for my freshman year and I thought at the time you moved out of Winters then? Maybe not.

    I remember names pretty well- sure is a small world.


  3. Sean Gilpin Says:


    I don’t have your email so I’ll respond here and hope you get it. You got me right, I remember you too. Its pretty funny that you ran into me the way you did. I never moved out of Winters, I just started going to school in Davis. I remember you used to want to be the President of the USA. I hope that’s going well for you. I’m glad you liked my pictures, I liked Ethiopia very much. Its green and the temperature was nice and cool when I went, in the summer time. I liked it because it wasn’t your typical tourist stuff, everything is very authentic. But also, in Addis they have an extremely nice Sheridan and in that area there are cool places for tourists to go. Thanks for catching up.


  4. Cody Thomson Says:

    So you never left? How about that. I guess my e-mail address wasn’t recorded- so I’ll give it you as I couldn’t find your e-mail address anywhere on these pages. It’s thomsonazAT powerc.net . Send me your e-mail address and I’ll forward some photos your way.

  5. Angelo Says:

    Hey there. I came upon your blog while doing a story for Access magazine, incidentally, about “students who blog,” and was hoping to talk to you about it and include your site in the story. thanks,

  6. bibomedia.com Says:


  7. A2D2 Says:

    Hey Sean,
    Beautiful blog. I stumbled across your site and saw your awesome pictures and great stories. Are you going to be around SJSU next semester? I heard you transfered to another grad program.

    Whatever the case, take care man

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