Rancho San Antonio Park

I went to Rancho San Antonio Park. This park is near my Grandmother’s house so I have been going there for years and enjoy it very much. I took a small mile and a half walk out to Deer Hollow Farm. I didn’t want to work to hard because I have a strained muscle and I’d like it to heal. There is an easy to follow loop that goes up one hill but otherwise is all flat. It is hard to figure it out the route I took on the map but if you just follow everyone else chances are you’ll end up going the way I did. I got that map from Openspace.org which has some cool information about the history of the park I hadn’t seen before.

Rancho San Antonio Park

Even walking up the small hill you end up getting some good views of the valley. If you walk further up you get spectacular views. I found this great blog, Two Heel Drive, while researching for this post, which has nice pictures of the view and talks about those longer trails.

Rancho San Antonio Park

Lots of Oak trees up here. If I remember right, further up there are less trees.

Rancho San Antonio Park

The grass is so green and beautiful right now.

Rancho San Antonio Park


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