I’ve been picking some oranges from my Dad’s orchard and I got his permission to take as many bags as I can transport to San Jose. I will be selling them for $5 per fifteen pound bag. All of the proceeds will go to the Computer Science Club at SJSU. If anyone is interested let me know and I will reserve a bag.

Oranges Getting Sorted

The oranges are very delicious and they make great juice. Here is a picture of what the fifteen pound bags look like:

Orange bags


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2 Responses to “Oranges”

  1. Kyle Hansen Says:

    I want some! But only if they are good oranges. It is almost impossible to find good oranges this year, especially when I was on the east coast.

  2. T.C. Perkins Says:

    Nothing beats good oranges! When I was little my parents used to buy oranges every holiday season, and my mom would give them to us in our lunches everyday for school!

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