Saving Electricity

There was an article about saving electricity in the The Spartan Daily today and I had a personal interest in the section about turning off computers when they’re not being used. I was interested in this because it reminded me of an issue I had with my last employer.

The company I used to work for requested that employees not turn off their computers because the IT department did system wide maintenance at night. That angered me because the practice seemed to be a horrible waste of electricity. Think about it, thousands of computers running idly for 14-15 hours per day, not to mention weekends, and just sucking up energy. What’s worse is that my managers (I worked in the IT department) actually laughed at the idea of turning off computers at the end of the day because it would make their jobs harder. I think that all organizations and individuals should put hard thought into wasteful practices they participate in, if not for the bottom line (wasted money on electricity bills), then for our communities, our country, and our world, all of which are negatively affected by waste. Even if turning off computers turns out to be something that isn’t practical, I think it is worthwhile to consider it seriously.

Reading the article in the Spartan Daily inspired me to learn more about how much energy computers use. I did a Google search and found .”How much electricity do computers use?” as part of a great overall webpage about saving electricity. It turns out that most new computers are setup to go into sleep mode automatically which saves a lot of electricity. That put my mind at ease somewhat. So if possible, don’t disable the energy saving settings on new computers because they can make a big difference in helping the environment. Another thing the website explained, which I found confusing in The Spartan Daily article, is that turning on a computer does not use extra energy so it saves more energy to turn off a computer versus letting it go into power saving mode.

I encourage everyone to check the website out anyway. It goes into detail explaining how much electricity we use, what the environmental effects are, and the most important things we can do to save.



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