CFA Strike

I’m disappointed with The Spartan Daily coverage of the possible CFA strike. I’ve been told by several professors, as early as Monday, that negotiations with the CSU have been successful and that the strike is definitely not going to happen. But looking at The Spartan Daily on Tuesday, I see this article about how serious the strike might be.

I’m not sure exactly what is going with the strike, but I know The Spartan Daily is failing to report well on this issue. I don’t like how they left students worrying about the safety of the campus when there is good reason to believe that there won’t be a strike at all.

UPDATE: Today’s Spartan Daily has an article clarifying the issue.



One Response to “CFA Strike”

  1. Kyle Hansen Says:

    I try not to be too critical of the editors of the paper because I know that they go through a lot, but they did mess up on Wednesday’s paper. The article Tuesday was really the latest official word, the agreement was made later that day and should have been in Wednesday’s paper, at lest that is my understanding.

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