Camping at New Brighton State Beach

I just got back from camping for two nights at New Brighton State Beach. We didn’t go far, but it was still fun. The campground was nice. It was very pretty and the facilities were great. There are hot showers and the restrooms are very private and clean. It is also very convenient. The campground is extremely easy to get to from San Jose, and there is a Safeway ten minutes away.

Rocks on the beach

Our campsite was right up against a cliff with the beach below. So we had a great view and a did a lot of relaxing from there. Overall, the campground was very relaxing and quiet. There were a lot of old people there and a lot of RV’s, which is fine but things died down very quickly at night.

Nice view from our campsite

The beach was nice for walking along. No one was swimming, but the water is still too cold for that anyway. Beside the beach, there’s nothing to do at the campground. There are plenty of other places to check out in the area though. The park ranger working there was very friendly and helpful and gave us a map of nearby places to visit. She recommended we visit The Forest of Nisene Marks.

The beach view from our campsite

The picture above is also taken from our campsite. If you’re interested in visiting the park, check out more of the pictures I took on my flickr page.



10 Responses to “Camping at New Brighton State Beach”

  1. Tamara Says:

    these pictures are beautiful. you totally captured the idyllic setting of our campsite.

  2. Shubhra Says:

    I like how the grass is really green

  3. Sean Gilpin Says:

    Yeah, i felt bad about walking on it actually.

  4. jon Says:

    I am planning a similar trip, and I was wondering if you happen to remember the number of the campsite that you stayed at. It looks like a good one and I would like to try to reserve the same one.

  5. JB Says:

    The pictures are great. What specific campsite did you stay in? What group of sites
    have the best view/location in the park?



  6. Jimmy Straightline Says:

    Beautiful pics! Was trying to remember the name of the campground I stayed at a few years ago & I think Newbrighton SB is it! (And if I’m wrong, I don’t wanna be right!) Cheers!

  7. Sean Gilpin Says:

    A couple of people have asked me what campsite I was in. I don’t remember the number for the spot but it was probably 76 or 78. Here is the map to the campground:

    All of the spots along that that road (73-90) are very nice and have a similiar look. They are all overlooking the beach. The sites with a traingle next to them are premium spots and cost a bit more

    And thanks for all the nice comments about the pictures!

  8. Ner Says:

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. We will definitely try to camp here next summer. Hopefully we’ll be lucky (and fast enough) to get one of those Premium sites 🙂

  9. letty Says:

    i was wondering was it supper cold at nite

  10. debibarbour Says:

    I was wondering what site number it was that you stayed in

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