Stevens Creek Park

On Friday, Tamara and I took advantage of the beautiful weather to go on a hike at Stevens Creek Park. There is a whole system of parks throughout the mountains surrounding Silicon Valley. The Stevens Creek Park is in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Cupertino. You can read all about the park at the official Santa Clara County Parks Page and about the trail we took at Bay Area Hiker.

Deer Eating Grass

We actually went up the Stevens Creek Tony Look Trail which took us by the reservoir and through some woods. There were some ups and downs (climbing) but overall it was pretty even. We would have liked to continue on the loop described on the Bay Area Hiker page but it got dark and we turned around at the end of the reservoir.

Sunlight Through Trees

We definitely weren’t the only ones there, but it wasn’t as crowded as some other parks I’ve been too in the same area. I’m sure on weekends it gets worse though. There is a lot of fishing at the reservoir, but there was a sign that said don’t eat the fish because the mercury content is too high. I assume the mercury content has to do with the near by mining site which we got a good view of.

Mining Site

I would like to go again, and see the side of the park that has views of the valley. If we had continued on the trail instead of turning back, we would have. Check out my Flickr Set for more pictures.

Stevens Creek Reservoir



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