Last weekend was MESA Day at SJSU. There were students from high schools and middle schools who had worked on projects for months and were being judged. A group of us from the CS Club judged the Cyber Surf competition. The students created webpages about one of the other competitions following given criteria. All of the students did very well. One interesting thing we heard from students, is that many of them learned web design through customizing MySpace. Actually I was most impressed by their presentations. I know when I was that age, I would have been seriously nervous about presenting to a group of judges. So I think these kids have a lot of potential, because they have the confidence to give something a try, and put their best foot forward.

I was also glad to see that three of the CS Club officers attended. In the picture are Glenn Jahnke, Evan Luine, and Michael Butler. I just think its good that our officers are involved in community service on campus.



2 Responses to “MESA Day”

  1. Kathy Pham Says:

    Wow, it’s a funny thing, I competed in the Web design contest there at SJSU this year. I found your blog on google.

  2. Sean Gilpin Says:

    Cool, I’m glad you found this post. I remember you and your entry. You created a page about the gastrointestinal system. It was very impressive. You obviously have a lot of talent.

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