IBM Mashup Talk

On Wednesday Dr. Volker Markl, from IBM Research, talked about project MAFIA (The Mashup Fabric In Almaden). I found it interesting because I didn’t know how seriously IBM was taking mashups until this talk. One of the things they are working on is how to create mashups in a more declarative manner, which would make them faster to create and possibly easier to search for. From what I understood, one of the problems with declaring mashups declaratively, is the ambiguity of the data sources. Dr. Markl mentioned that he believed that localized semantic standards might arise that would allow more data sources to be used in a uniform way. On behalf of SJSU Computer Scientist students, thanks for the talk.

Dr. Volker Markl giving talk

The picture above is Dr. Markl (left) and our Department Chair Dr. Kennneth Louden (right).

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