Wikia Approves SJSU Wiki

I mentioned before that I was working on a wiki for SJSU on As I was hoping, the people at Wikia have granted the community a private wiki and domain. The new domain is In order to edit the wiki you need an SJSU email account which you can get by filling out an application here and picking it up at the Academic Success Center Help Desk (First floor of old Clark Library). So please, if you find this idea at all interesting, get an SJSU email account and start adding content.

SJSU wiki on

There are some things to consider before participating in this wiki. Wikia is a private for profit company and the wiki they created for us is in no way directly associated with SJSU. Also, I’m not sure about the details, but if you submit content, you are in effect associating it with an open source type license, meaning that although you may be attributed, you may not own that content in the traditional way. However, if someone puts your content on this wiki without your permission you can contact me or someone from Wikia and it will be removed.



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