Riding the VTA Bus

This being the beginning of the semester, it might be a good time to think about starting to take advantage of your VTA bus pass that is included as part of the Associated Students fee. Everyone enrolled who pays that fee (I believe everyone, but maybe not open university students) should receive a sticker in the mail that they can use in conjunction with their SJSU Tower Card to ride almost any of the VTA busses for free. I’ve been taking the bus, and it takes me about an hour versus the 40 minutes it would have taken by car after you factor in parking time. The bus is nice mainly because it’s free and it leaves you free to do things like study during the trip. The VTA has a great website to help you get you started with maps and schedules. The resource that I find most helpful is the map of all the bus routes on one large page to help figure out which bus to take. From there you can get more detailed maps and schedules for particular routes.

VTA Bike Map

Another cool thing they have on their webpage is some maps for bike routes in the area. They have a new Google Map driven interactive bike map which I haven’t used yet, but I have used the old bike map to figure out how to ride my bike places without going down busy streets. Most of the maps and schedules can be downloaded onto your computer in a variety of formats too, which is useful. And everyone time I’ve been on the bus over the years there has been plenty of room, so you don’t have to worry about being crowded or standing up like you might in San Francisco. So we have a great resource that is just waiting to be taken advantage of.

UPDATE: Fixed links to VTA


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