Volunteering for MESA

Thanks to Glenn Jahnke, the Vice President of the Computer Science Club, I’ll be volunteering this Saturday to help some youths learn html and css. MESA is an organization that tries to promote math and science to educationally disadvantaged students. I think math and science are really cool so I’m glad there is an organization trying to bring opportunities to people who have less access to it. MESA will be having a competition, amongst their students, to see who can make the best math/science related web page, and we will be helping them with the how to make a web page part. I don’t often get a chance to use my programming background to help people so this will be very worthwhile for me.


2 Responses to “Volunteering for MESA”

  1. andrewvenegas Says:

    good for you. Where is the event taking place?

  2. Sean Gilpin Says:

    Unfortunately,I don’t know yet. I emailed Glenn and he doesn’t know yet either. We are just going to meet at the CS Club room on Saturday and go from there.

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