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I just today discovered the Spartan Daily Blog page after reading this post from Invisible Inkling. It’s the type of page that I would normally see a company like Microsoft use to allow its employees to blog in one central place. Compare MSDN Blogs to Spartan Daily Blogs and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

After seeing the last two entries were from December 23 and Nov 6, it’s obvious to me that the Spartan Daily Blogs site hasn’t exactly been flourishing. I also noticed none of the bloggers that I read from San Jose State have posted to the site. Also the site is actually somewhat confusing. There are two tabs at the top, guest bloggers, and staff bloggers. This is nice because it has a picture of the blogger and a description of who they are and what they will be blogging about. But only 3 people are listed under those tabs and none of the other bloggers on the site are listed in a consistent way.

The main problem with the Spartan Daily Blog site is that I read what journalists have to say all the time in the newspaper already. I’m not trying to go to a newspaper blog site to see all of the news that wasn’t important enough to print. I’m not against journalists blogs if they have something good to say. You can see from my blogroll that I read from them all of the time. I’m just against a newspaper controlled blog site. Newspapers should be doing more to empower user generated content, not control it. I’m starting to see where Daniel Sato was going with his idea of using a user interface where students could submit and vote up stories they find interesting. I think his idea would be great for replacing the Spartan Daily Blog page.


4 Responses to “Spartan Daily Blogs”

  1. Andrew Venegas Says:

    The way I see it, people haven’t read newspapers for their “news” for sometime now. If breaking events occur, people don’t wait to be informed the next day, or rush to their local newspaper stand for Extra Editions – they turn on the TV to CNN or they go on the internet, fire up their tickers and RSS feeds. Newspapers should be in the business of content analysis. While I am COMPLETELY for incorporating Digg function into newspaper sites, why not have permanent Editors on staff to manually raise stories to the top that NEED to be heard (ie. Kevin Rose at Diggnation with his top stories of the week, which he sometimes artificially inflates), and have Opinion writers to analyze the top ten or so, showing their relevance and importance to students.

  2. Kyle Hansen Says:

    I am on the Spartan Daily staff this semester and it is hard to stay on top of writing stories for the paper as well as doings to do online. I am going to try really hard to keep blogging. I am also planning on doing some podcasts and other multimedia projects for the Daily and for myself. But we do need some other students to contribute to the paper’s website. The paper’s role is to provide a voice for the students. We need a way to combine the content from the paper as well as the Update News, KSJS radio, and other students’ websites and blogs. It is a big project, and it will not happen all at once, but I think our editors are on the right track.

  3. Sean Gilpin Says:

    Sounds like a lot of people have some good ideas. I’m looking forward to seeing some of this stuff happen and hopefully participating in it. Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. Daniel Sato Says:

    Just thought I would point out that my last name has an “a” in it, Sato. Also, in response to Kyle’s comments, the collaboration that you speak of, between Update, KSJS, etc, is something that a few of us have been actively seeking for the past three or four semesters. It is a combination of students thinking that they can get by with the skills limited to their own field, as well as higher ups who either do not understand what we are trying to push, are resistant to change, or are unwilling to work with each other (read: share their power) for fear of I actually don’t know what.

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