SJSU Tower

I’ve been working on an SJSU wiki on  Here is the current link in case anyone wants to add content to it.  I’ve had a lot of time on my hands during break and I’ve been dying to get involved with something online.  I’m not sure if anything like this has already been attempted but if so please let me know so I don’t duplicate effort. So right now it is part of but I have applied to have it turned into a private blog, editable only by students with SJSU email, with its own domain,

I needed a couple of pictures of SJSU to represent our campus.  I found a picture on Flickr, the one displayed above, and requested to use it.  Turns out it was a former SJSU journalism student Jennifer (Guin?) who was the webmaster for The Spart.  Anyway she was very nice and let me use the picture, but it’s also really worth looking at all of her pictures of SJSU here.


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    […] Approves SJSU Wiki I mentioned before that I was working on a wiki for SJSU on As I was hoping, the people at Wikia […]

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