Online Lectures

Here is something cool to do over break. Do more studying! Seriously though, some of this stuff can be pretty interesting. There are podcasts and even vodcasts of lectures from schools like Stanford and Yale available for free. Most of you probably already know about this but it’s just really come to my attention now that I’m playing around with this iPod. I’ve downloaded podcasts onto my computer before, but I didn’t realize how well they integrated into iTunes.

iTunes Podcasts Screen

I found this site, Open Culture that has podcasts broken down by category including University lecture podcasts, and most of the podcasts have an iTunes link that will automatically add the podcast to iTunes. I also like that they have foreign language podcasts, although they don’t have the language I want. I’m going to the Phillippines in a couple of weeks and I’d like to know at least a few phrases in Tagalog first. But I’m even more interested in vodcasts. I found this lecture series vodcast that might be cool for computer scientists. What would be really cool is if all the classes I took at SJSU had vodcasts so that if I missed a class or had a subject I was having troubles with, I could go back and review the lectures. It would be cool if I could create a vodcast like that next semester actually. Of course I’d have to get the instructors good graces first.

Open Culture Podcasts


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