Converting DVD to iPod Video

I got my girlfriend a new black 30GB iPod for Christmas.  I had to help her get some content onto it at first.  All of the CD’s that she had ripped to her computer were in WMA format but that wasn’t much of a problem because the iTunes application automatically converted them to ACC format which works on iPod.  She also hasn’t taken off the plastic cover in front yet because she wants to get a clear protector cover for it first so the screen won’t scratch.


The main problem I had was getting some video on the iPod without buying it from the iTunes store.  I didn’t want to buy anything new; I already own the entire Lord of the Rings DVD set and I wanted to put it on her iPod.  You’d think that Apple would include some sort of software to download a DVD onto an iPod but they don’t.  I guess they’d rather people buy new content from their store.  I ended up spending 40 dollars on a third party piece of software that made the whole process pretty easy.


PQ DVD to IPod Video Suite is what I ended up buying and it is pretty easy to use.  The lower right hand box gives you instructions along the way which lead you all the way from inserting the DVD into the drive to syncing your iPod with iTunes.  Some of the other applications I tried out were kind of complicated because there were different checkboxes were you had to choose which parts of the dvd you wanted to record.  This one was much simpler.  It actually starts the DVD and goes to the menu so you can change the settings like turning on subtitles or commentary in the normal way you would when you watch the DVD.  Then you start the movie by pressing play and then start the recording at the place you want it to start.  I think most people could easily use this program and I am happy with it so far.


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