Academic Renewal

There is still a good amount of time before the next semester starts at SJSU, but it’s never to late to start thinking about it.  Many students at SJSU work or have something come up during the semester, making it harder to do as well at school as they would like.  If the last semester just ended that way for you, you’re not alone.  The important thing is to not be discouraged, and learn from your past mistakes.  So if you got some bad grades last semester and you are planning to retake a class, you should use Academic Renewal

The reason you want to use Academic Renewal is because otherwise you will still keep your old grade.  If you use Academic Renewal your original failing grade will not be counted in your GPA.  The key to Academic Renewal is that you must sign up for it by filling out this sheet and having it signed by your new instructor and turning it in to Student Services Center before the add deadline is over.  The add deadline for Spring 2007 is February 12, according to the calendar found in the schedule of classes.  If you do not turn in this sheet by the deadline you will not get Academic Renewal, which would be a shame because it’s easy.  New students should make sure they spend plenty of time over break reviewing SJSU and specific department policies to make sure they are doing everything they should be.  There are many interesting rules that can easily make it difficult to graduate if not heeded. Reading the rules can help to avoid those mistakes.  The instructions, policies, and procedures included with the schedule of classes are a great place to start.


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