Soapbox Prophet


I spoke too soon about the lack of an SJSU online community.  Andrew Venegas left a comment on my post that was pretty enlightening.  The fact that this guy even read my post shows that he is doing some serious Technorati searches.  I have been reading his blog, Soapbox Prophet, because it is one of the most interesting blogs from SJSU students that I have found.  Anyway, Andrew pointed out to me that he has drop down lists of links to SJSU bloggers including, students, teaches, and video blogs.

I read his post “SJSU Bloggers Wanted” in which he invited other SJSU bloggers to be coauthors with him on his blog.  I think it is a really great and interesting idea and I’ll be sure to watch carefully.  The drop down lists Andrew provided are also extremely cool.  I have searched for SJSU websites and blogs in the past and I haven’t found near the amount of sites that are listed there.  So if you are interested in finding more about the online SJSU community the Soapbox Prophet is a great place to start.


2 Responses to “Soapbox Prophet”

  1. Andrew Venegas Says:

    hey, thanks for the plug. Like I said, I’m looking for bloggers from SJSU for the site; want me to send you an invite?

  2. Andrew Venegas Says:

    by the way… awesome pic

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