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I have been looking for community information on the web about SJSU. I mean that I am looking for information about SJSU from students. I would like to hear what other students find interesting about our campus. Of course I could just spend more time talking to the people who are all around me. I guess that’s what most people do because I haven’t been successful in finding that sort of thing online.

There are several blogs by SJSU students that I have found, but they are mostly from Journalism students. I don’t like reading blog entries from journalism students because they tend to cover “the news”, which I can get by reading the newspaper. I am really more interested in something I can’t get from the newspaper.  Basically I’d like to hear from students in an unfiltered format what they like or dislike about our campus.


One Response to “SJSU Online Community”

  1. Andrew Venegas Says:

    I’m compiling several dropdown lists of SJSU bloggers on my website right now, and hopefully will be giving a lot of them blogging rights to my site to hopefully create some community. I haven’t arranged them by major yet, but I might do that soon too. Any bloggers that you think I should add to the list would be helpful.

    Plus, I think I’ll be setting up an OPML file for SJSU bloggers soon, so you could add the list to your RSS reader and stuff. I might also get a feed going of SJSU vloggers once that is done, though probably not until after finals.

    I agree with you; it would be nice to create community at SJSU and hear from non-journalism majors once in awhile. I know they’re blogging out there, but aside from scouring technorati to create an individual feed list that’s really disconnected from students with no direct input, there’s nothing in the way of community.

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