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Boogey Boarding

October 31, 2006

I was looking through some old backups of mine and I found some cool pictures from several years ago. I posted them to Flickr and used the blog it feature. There are a couple of pictures of me and my friend Oney kicking it at Sarah Logan’s house. Haven’t seen either of them in a while. Then there are some pictures of me, my brother, the notorious Christian Cuenco, and Mike, hanging out at the beach in Capitola.

Boogey boarding is RAD! I need to get to the beach more often next summer.


BitTorrent and Fedora

October 25, 2006

Fedora Core 6 was released yesterday and I’m trying to download all 3.4 gigs of it over the Internet.  On the fedora website it mentioned that the preferred method of download was through torrent.  I’ve heard that BitTorrent has been trying to push their technology as a model for distributing large media files legaly.  Downloading the 3.4 gig ISO file for Fedora would probably be a good test of the torrent system, considering there are definitely other people trying to download the same file right now and BitTorrent relies on many people trying to download the same file simultaneously.

So I started downloading the ISO with BitTorrent, but download speed averaged at about 20kB/s which I was very unsatisfied with.  Then I started downloading it from the University of Santa Clara which is a couple of miles away from here and I am getting over 250kB/s which is very nice.  Plus I’m pretty sure that downloading it straight from the university using FTP is more efficient.  Typically with P2P file sharing schemes there is all this chatter going on in the background that takes up a large portion of the University bandwith, from what I understand.  So basically, despite all the hooplah, I think BitTorrent is pretty lame.  Cool idea though.


October 25, 2006


Last weekend I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the Marine Corps.   I have been in the reserves for over 6 years, so this was a long awaited reward.  Until now I felt like I couldn’t leave the Marines because I still had unfinished business there. But the stress of the increasing responsability and commitment of time has really made me not want to be there for a long time.  I want to move on and do other things with my life, but I feel like my reserve duty has been holding me back, constantly grabbing my attention.  Well all the hard work has paid off now, I’m glad I stuck it out, because I’ve accomplished all my goals and I still have time to make changes.  I’m very excited.