Great info about Powershot G7

The other day I was looking for more information about the Canon Powershot G7. I noticed that most of the websites have the same information posted that I assume they got from a press conference release. But I know there are people out there that have real experience with these types of cameras and who probably have some sort of informed opinion. That’s the type of information I wanted to get at. So I did a Technorati search on PowerShot G7.The first link that came up was a post from a blog called In-Between Points. This guy is pretty cool and he talks about his experience with the Powershot G6 and his take on whether or not the G7 is a good buy.

What I really like about his post is that I can see the types of pictures he took with the Powershot G7, which are really good. I ended up leaving a comment on his blog letting him know I was comparing different camera’s, and he left a really great comment on my blog explaining the differences between the camera’s I was considering. If anyone is interested you can read his comment . Thanks Jaxon.


3 Responses to “Great info about Powershot G7”

  1. noshowerfamily food blog Says:

    hi, thanks for commenting in our blog. =)

    i recommend for camera reviews. they’re pretty unbiased and thorough.

  2. noshowerfamily food blog Says:

    oh, btw i answered your questions here.

  3. Jaxon S Says:

    you’re welcome, sean. i think dpreview will give a much more informed and detailed opinion soon..

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