Hydration Cafe

I was on my way to La Victoria to get a Super Burito after my last class and decided to go around the corner to Hydration Cafe instead.  I’m glad I stopped by, the service is very freindly and helpful.  I have a hard time picking out what to get at many Asian restaurants so it was nice that they had a picture menu and were able to answer my questions and help me.  The girl working here is very pretty too, which is cool.  So I’m eating a fried squid bengo box and an avocado smoothie.  It tastes good to me, but I’ve never had an avocado smoothie either.

Also while I was trying to find links for La Victoria and Hydration Cafe, I noticed this site www.jatbar.com.  You will have noticed it also if you clicked on one of the links above.  It looks like it is a good site for reviews of restaurants in the bay area.  I used to use the Metro restaurant reviews a lot to try to find cool places to go eat but now I will try using this site in the future also.  I love finding information about the local area on the net so this is cool.


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