Camera Shopping

I want to buy a new digital camera, and I’ve been comparison shopping online.  I want a good camera that will allow me to take good pictures and learn more about photogaphy.  But I also want a compact camera that I can use and cary easily.  I was looking at the Canon Powershot S80 as an option, but today news came out about the Canon PowerShot G7.  They are both pretty expensive though, G7 is expected to go for 600 dollars.  I don’t know much about cameras so I don’t really even know how to evaluate them.  I need to take a photography class.


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  1. Jaxon S Says:

    hi sean, thanks for your comment in my blog. i was in same situation as you when i first shopped for camera in 2004. and i made a big mistake of trusting tv ads too much. what i want then was a camera with good sharp image and ended up buying the one shown on tv, claiming that nothing else was sharper. a mistake.

    a few months after that, out of frustration, i went shopping for another camera and at that time the Canon Powershot G6 was the best I can afford. still using it till this day with 80 per cent satisfaction.

    the s80 is a wide angle camera, can’t really zoom with it, but good for taking panoramic view or large group of people. if powerful zoom is what you want… then the Canon S3 IS will be a good choice (it has 12x optical zoom, twice that of the G7)

    but i think the G7 will be a great camera. you can play a lot of low light photography with the high ISO. sometime i hate the fact that i had to use flash when what i really wanted was to capture the shadows and light of a dimly lighted dinner hall, but my camera just could not take the photo without using flash because of the limited ISO.

    oppss… sorry for the long comment. camera is a subject i can get carried away easily. all the best with your shopping!

  2. Great info about Powershot G7 « Gilpin Silicon Valley Blog Says:

    […] What I really like about his post is that I can see the types of pictures he took with the Powershot G7, which are really good.  I ended up leaving a comment on his blog letting him know I was comparing different camera’s, and he left a really great comment on my blog explaining the differences between the camera’s I was considering.  If anyone is interested you can read his comment here.  Thanks Jaxon. […]

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