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SJSU Linux User Group

September 29, 2006

I stopped by the SJSU Linux User Group meeting this afternoon for the first time. It was fun even though only a couple of people showed up. Most of the people in the Linux club were actually CE majors instead of CS majors as I assumed they would be. The computer engineering guys were pretty cool. Anyway, they have a bunch of machines they want to turn into a cluster. Sounds like fun and obviously challenging but I wonder if it has any use. Everyone always gets excited about linking computers together to harness their combined power, but for what use? I think thats the problem behind that type of project, you need to have a use planned ahead of time.



Linux Installfest

September 26, 2006

I went to the SJSU Linux Club’s installfest on Saturday. The results weren’t so great. I had to wipe my entire hard drive to get everything working right again. I have a backup of my hard drive sitting back in Winters so I didn’t lose any data, but my installation of Windows/Office/Visual Studio is gone. That stuff takes a while to reinstall so its not good. The good news is that I eventually got Linux working. I have a Fedora disk and an Ubuntu disk. I thought I might be better off with the Fedora disk but then I realized that with Ubuntu my wireless setup would work out of the box. That’s important because wireless internet is my main means of delivery these days and I can’t do anything without it. For instance in order to figure out how to get wireless working on linux I needed the internet which was a bit of catch 22 for me. So I was impressed by the builtin wireless support in Ubuntu. I also have gotten my Verizon EVDO PC5740 card working which is also very important for me. It wasn’t all that straight forward, but also not to difficult for a computer scientist to figure out thanks to a howto by Ken Kinder. For anyone who tries using the howto, it hasn’t been updated for Ubuntu 6, so it wont work unless you make the modification discussed in the comment by mark s on 2006-03-27.


Great info about Powershot G7

September 22, 2006

The other day I was looking for more information about the Canon Powershot G7. I noticed that most of the websites have the same information posted that I assume they got from a press conference release. But I know there are people out there that have real experience with these types of cameras and who probably have some sort of informed opinion. That’s the type of information I wanted to get at. So I did a Technorati search on PowerShot G7.The first link that came up was a post from a blog called In-Between Points. This guy is pretty cool and he talks about his experience with the Powershot G6 and his take on whether or not the G7 is a good buy.

What I really like about his post is that I can see the types of pictures he took with the Powershot G7, which are really good. I ended up leaving a comment on his blog letting him know I was comparing different camera’s, and he left a really great comment on my blog explaining the differences between the camera’s I was considering. If anyone is interested you can read his comment . Thanks Jaxon.

Really bad mexican food

September 21, 2006

I was on my to SJSU from work and I wanted to stop and get a burrito at the La Victoria on Santa Clara Street.  I ended up trying something new at a little place called Senora Emma’s Taqueria.  The place seemed cool, it was underneath Club Miami and there were nice couches you could sit in or you could sit outside on their patio.  I ordered the Carnitas burrito and it was horrible.  The carnitas was dry and hard like jerky, and the burrito was sloppily thrown together.  Too bad too, because the inside is pretty nice for a taqueria, with the couches and all.  I’ll never go there again.

Hydration Cafe

September 19, 2006

I was on my way to La Victoria to get a Super Burito after my last class and decided to go around the corner to Hydration Cafe instead.  I’m glad I stopped by, the service is very freindly and helpful.  I have a hard time picking out what to get at many Asian restaurants so it was nice that they had a picture menu and were able to answer my questions and help me.  The girl working here is very pretty too, which is cool.  So I’m eating a fried squid bengo box and an avocado smoothie.  It tastes good to me, but I’ve never had an avocado smoothie either.

Also while I was trying to find links for La Victoria and Hydration Cafe, I noticed this site  You will have noticed it also if you clicked on one of the links above.  It looks like it is a good site for reviews of restaurants in the bay area.  I used to use the Metro restaurant reviews a lot to try to find cool places to go eat but now I will try using this site in the future also.  I love finding information about the local area on the net so this is cool.

Camera Shopping

September 15, 2006

I want to buy a new digital camera, and I’ve been comparison shopping online.  I want a good camera that will allow me to take good pictures and learn more about photogaphy.  But I also want a compact camera that I can use and cary easily.  I was looking at the Canon Powershot S80 as an option, but today news came out about the Canon PowerShot G7.  They are both pretty expensive though, G7 is expected to go for 600 dollars.  I don’t know much about cameras so I don’t really even know how to evaluate them.  I need to take a photography class.

Math problem of the week

September 13, 2006

The math department here at SJSU has a problem of the week that I like to work on in my spare time.  You earn points for each problem you complete and at the end of the semester there are cash prizes for the top three problem solvers.  My instructor for Math 142, Dr. Schmeichel, said he helps create the problems.  It was hard not to notice that this weeks problem is very similiar to a problem we discussed in his class this week.  Hopefully the opposite is true and problems from the competition will end up being on our test 🙂  Even so, my math has gotten rusty from misuse, so working on these problems is helping me get back into the game.

Starting this blog

September 13, 2006

I saw Robert Scoble at San Jose State this evening.  I have followed his blog somewhat the past year so I was excited to find out that he would be on campus.  Anyway he was addressing a bunch of journalists, and I’m a computer science major, so it was pretty interesting.  Hes a really nice guy, and listening to him talk inspired me to start this blog.